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Comic, Art, Sketch, June
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More projects!
So this year around June I finished a comic as a project for my finals from last year.
It's not long because I only had 6-ish months to write the story, sketch and complete it.
It's the first "full" comic I ever drew/finished!
You can check it out here: Deviantart

comic art

5 6 493 Nov 2016 Deviantart


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@WatchGintama: People seem to like him a lot. I showed my comic to various people for feedback when I was working on it and everyone liked him

Nov 2016
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Nice! Is this also the same character from your Getamped 2 skin?

Nov 2016
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Read, pleasantly entertained! This reminds me of the intro of pretty much every NES RPG. What @WatchGintama said about sprii!

Nov 2016
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