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A chair design for design contest last time.... wanted another group chair just like concert chair but sadly didn't win it :'(
Well I designed it too simple and quick since it was the last minute work b4 the deadline, I could have drawn it if I did it 2 weeks early lel
Just wanna have a good 2+pb vs 3 snowball fight, well limited until 5 ppl whoever sits on it, then anyone else can sit it to be part in the crossfire. Well that was my idea, hope that u guys like that idea for a group chair
sadlife art illustration chair simple painttoolSai contest

4 1597 2017-10-5


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Yeah, too bad you weren't able to work on it for longer cuz this is a pretty original / interesting idea that would've been really fun to have fleshed out more.

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@HawtNoodle Quasar no like how chair that winned do not show more of Lucid. The wonner is disgrace in Quasar's eye.

2017-10-5 (Edit: 2017-10-5)
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Nice chair design! Sorry you did not win. Cheer yourself up with mocha muffins!

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That Pink Bean alone deserves a gold. 10/10 in my book. sorry you didn't win.