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Interface, Redesign, Slack, Apps, BZL
captain avatar

Thinking of doing a redesign to BZL, curious what (if any) thoughts you might have?

The colours need some work, but I think the interface lends itself well to a more organized UI - navigation on the left column, secondary in the middle, and main on the right. I would move the chat/PM system to this setup too, similar to Slack / Discord.

Obviously heavily influenced by various apps such as Windows 10, Slack, Discord, etc.

4 10 869 Oct 2017 BZL Dev Team


Beefly avatar

redesigning things is your favorite activity, nothing gets between you and your favorite activity.

1 Oct 2017
captain avatar

@Beefly that's a very astute observation! Interfaces are so powerful. I'm always convinced there's a better way to do things, better way to make people happier, more engaged, etc...

Oct 2017
HawtNoodle avatar

Looks good, it seems like it gives a nice quick overview of everything, though I'll miss the orange/yellow gradient.

Oct 2017
Raginroxas avatar

Looks pretty good.

Is there a way to keep the Orange and yellow theme?

Oct 2017
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