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Mushishi, Animes, Fiery, Maka
Lily avatar

Decided to draw a fellow fox spirit named Maka.
Who doesn't love a little fiery fox napping on your lap? ^w^
If you were wondering what the little squiggly things are they were inspired by one of my favourite animes, Mushishi.


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syrup avatar

woah, fox spirit ^ 2!? Fox spirit holding baby fox? Is there such a thing as too much fox? Great background, Lily. I also like that the palette on the main subject is so relatively simple. Challenge!

2 Dec 1
Lily avatar

@syrup It's my friend, who happens to also be a fox spirit, wearing the fiery fox weapon and sitting down, nothing is cuter than this combo no? :*

Dec 1
Beefly avatar

i want to nap on a qt 3.14's lap.

1 Dec 1 - Edited: Dec 01 2017
Lily avatar

@Beefly then will make you add the ² (squared symbol) to the equation~

Dec 1

Omg this came out beautifully! I'm so honored i could be a model *-*

2 Dec 2
syrup avatar

@Maka herro, what brings you down from your evening time space dimension 9-tails?

Dec 2 - Edited: Dec 02 2017
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