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KrazyKid132 avatar

Been playin a new MMO recently and likin it. Ariel is like diabloish anime mmo. yall should try it, but its not in english so good luck with taiwanese.

1 5 1006 Jan 2018


syrup avatar

Nice graphics, looks fun, but yeah, idk Taiwanese. How's the community?

3 Jan 2018
KrazyKid132 avatar

@syrup I've got a group of friends that I started with, so I haven't interacted that much with the in-game community. The community seems friendly enough, but it's fairly small in terms of the western community. They have a small discord that seems to be willing to help new players, but don't expect too much due to the limited western audience.

Jan 2018 - Edited: Jan 23 2018
Eternal avatar

It's a Taiwanese-Server, so ofcourse, you won't find many Westerners. There is a language-barrier. For me, it's no problem since I speak them, but ping, timezone, and VPN-costs have always been my problem since I live in NA. Hence, an NA-Server is for the best of my interest.
I'm currently not playing anything right now but I am fluent in Chinese so you know who to ask if you have any questions. BTW, Taiwan writes in 繁�"�-- (Traditional). I know 简�"�--(simplified) but it's not that different in concept.

Jan 2018 - Edited: Jan 23 2018
syrup avatar

@KrazyKid132 cool, sounds like a fun experience when you've got your band of buddies to ping ideas off of and explore with. Have fun. Let me know if you find any other cool games.

Jan 2018
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