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My friend gave me a crunchyroll guest pass 4 days ago. It's still working somehow so I am catching up on anime before Crunchyroll catches onto me. So far my favorite is Gamers! this season for all the modern game references they make (smash bros, pubg, cs go, persona 4 arena)
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The trailer is so psychedelic and spazzy fast, nice. What else you into on Crunchy?

Aug 5
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@syrup I like Classroom of the Elite although IDK where the story is going. New Game S2 is also excellent even better than than S1.

2 Aug 7
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@syrup I meant that as in I never read the source material and I just picked it up randomly. So far it has a baka test premise and the main girl is like Yukinon from Oregairu.

Aug 8
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