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Thought I'd post a bit about a recent feature update called Communities.

By tagging your stories with a supported tag (ie, MapleStory), your story will appear on that community page. These are basically glorified tag pages, but with a relevant avatar + cover, bio and link. You may notice that your profile page also now shows a list of communities you're a part of (ie, @WatchGintama). This is of course all automated.

More communities coming soon. Let me know what you think of the feature and if you have any ideas on which games / manga / anime to add.

Thanks for your time, patronage and feedback!

5 2 613 Apr 2017 BZL Dev Team


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Love the idea - I seem to be a part of communities I'm pretty sure I've never tagged before (Hyper Universe & Peria Chronicles). It is also based on content you've commented on / liked?

Apr 2017
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