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Anime Fall 2017 Season Awards
I thought I would post something on this page because I enjoy anime a lot.
Here's what I watched, dropped, and recommend from the Fall 2017 Anime Season!
(I also added some season "awards" like the Dundies from the Office)
Warning - these aren't in-depth reviews. If you were to ask me about a show, these are the first thoughts that would come to mind.

1. Kekkai Sensen & Beyond (season 2) - I recommend! Award: Instant Coffe- ... Classic Award
This series is on my all-time favorites list. Go watch season 1! If you like Cowboy Bepop or Samurai Champloo, this is the anime for you! Solid animation and story.
My Grade: 8.6/10

2. Black Clover - I dropped Award: The Belly Flop Award
Episode one was released a couple of months (year?) early as a sneak peek into the series. Episode one showed a lot of promise and the show was soon hyped up to be a future classic. While the anime has a great plot setup, the execution of the show has so far been a flop in my opinion. Animation has progressively gotten worse and dialogue has been cheesy comedic and "dramatic" lines that seems reused from other anime.
My Grade: 5.0/10

3. Inuyashiki - I recommend! Award: The MSA
I give this anime the most surprising award (MSA). This is an action-packed show and I was genuinely shocked by the story. The animation style also caught me by surprise. I was almost certain that I would drop this anime because I'm not a fan of anime with similar art, but this was done extremely well and was also consistent. I would have given it the Don't Judge a Book by its Cover Award, but that's too long a name for an award.
My Grade: 8.0/10

4. Ousama Game - I dropped Award: The Meh Award
Like Black Clover, there is great plot setup, but I think the execution is where it falls short. I would recommend this over Black Clover, but don't get your hopes up! This show is for those that like Btooom! and Deadman Wonderland.
My Grade: 5.7/10

5. Just Because! - I dropped Award: The Deserves a Second Chance Award
If you like shows about teenage romance (dating phase?) or high school life, this may be your cup of tea. I wasn't really feeling the show in the first four to five episodes, so I decided to drop it. Will I regret it? Maybe. Animation is on point though.
My Grade: 6.9/10

6. Garo: Vanishing Line - I recommend! Award: The Nostalgia Award
The animation and storytelling of this show reminded me a lot of older anime, as if it was a modern spin or a reboot of some sort. If you like Trigun or Fullmetal Alchemist, you may like this show.
My Grade: 8.1/10

7. Juuni Taisen - OMG GO WATCH THIS!
I don't want to spoil it (and I'm lazy). Go watch it.
My Grade: 8.0/10

8. Dies Irae - I dropped Award: The "what did I just watch?" Award
I couldn't get past the third episode. So much confusion. I couldn't handle it.
My Grade: 3.1/10

9. Evil or Live - I dropped
This shown reminds me of Prison School (prison school = good anime). However, it was lacking in a lot of places, faults similar to Black Clover and Ousama Game.
My Grade: 4.5/10

10. Kujira no Kora wa Sajou ni Utau - I recommend!
A very unique anime in animation and story. It might not be for everyone though, but it deserves a try.
My Grade: 7.0/10

11. Mahoutsukai no Yome - I recommend! Award: The "this might be a masterpiece!" Award
If there was only one anime I could recommend from Fall 2017, it would be this one. If you are an avid anime lover, you don't want to miss out on Mahoutsukai no Yome. It is not finished yet, so I may eat my words, but right now this anime is on a mountain and it doesn't look like it wants to come down.
My Grade: 9.0/10

Let me know what you think of my list! Agree/disagree? I would love to know your thoughts! Suggestions?
Should I post something like this every season or should I not post something like this? (no worries I'm not offended easily xD)

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hey, thanks for sharing, Shanks! That cover image is so bizarro... I don't watch much anime these days but a friend has told me some of the insanely strange story lines that some of them contain and I don't even know what to say. It's all a bit overwhelming tbh, but I enjoy lists like yours because it's kind of like a friend giving you a manageable list of things to check out rather than poring over thousands of suggestions on other sites.

I also like that you list a couple of bombs.

Welcome to the site and I look forward to seeing more from you.

1 2017-12-26
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@syrup Thank you syrup! Yeah anime these days are a lot different and some I can't even comprehend! I'll keep it up, thanks for the encouragement!