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What CCG do you play?

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Now is a great time to try a card game because there are many CCG available these days. I used to play Shadowverse actively but now I only login daily to save up coins for the next expansion.

The recently announced DOTA card game would be interested if they showed more than just rocks in their teaser.

Also Dragon Quest Rivals looks great. They have monster models above the cards with attacking animations and it looks fun. imo the Dragon Quest art and world would work great in a CCG too.

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tabs avatar

I play the Final Fantasy TCG. I dabble in YGO from time to time too.

1 Aug 26
WatchGintama avatar

@tabs What deck in YGO? I had a macro monarch deck which was anti-meta at the time. It was fun banishing peoples' graveyard cards and not getting their effects. Stopped playing around the release of XYZ though.

Aug 27
captain avatar

It's pretty fascinating to me that this concept is as popular as it is. Who would ever have thought that a virtual card-based game would ever take off, let alone many many different ones. It's actually quite encouraging that people aren't JUST into glitzy FX and OHKO's and gore.

2 Aug 27
WatchGintama avatar

@captain There are many good reason to play digital card games. Most are free to play and you don't need to spend real money to get cards. You can play as many decks and cards as you want and not worry about wearing out virtual cards. And you can play online with other people.

Aug 27
captain avatar

@WatchGintama those are all great reasons! After writing my comment, I realized that most CCG's are actually quite flashy in terms of FX. I remember playing an early CCG game, if you could even call it that, called Metal Gear Acid. Ever play it? It's more of a story with a card mechanic rather than your standard FPS / strategy. I loved it.

Aug 28
FriedClams avatar

I gave up on CCG's to save my money for a ricotta cheese cake with strawberries!

Aug 28
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