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Game director Jeff Kaplan discusses the Overwatch team's philosophy behind PTR testing, going into detail about console certification processes, hero balance, and PTR testing incentives.

00:14 - Jeff discusses Blizzard's PTR philosophy
01:49 - Why is the PTR not available to console players?
02:41 - Jeff discusses the patching process on Xbox One and PlayStation 4
04:57 - Why aren't there incentives for players who participate on the PTR?
06:36 - Jeff talks about Sombra balance changes
08:17 - Jeff talks about Roadhog's hook and balance changes
09:33 - Jeff talks about D.Va balance changes
11:29 - Jeff talks about Ana balance changes
12:32 - Feedback from players and statistics from the PTR helps us immensely
13:50 - Jeff thanks the Overwatch community and PTR participants

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