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Game director Jeff Kaplan recaps Overwatch's amazing year and discusses what's on the horizon in 2017, including potential hero balances, new maps, new heroes, and several quality of life improvements.

00:09 - Jeff kicks off 2016 recap
01:00 - What did the developers learn from Ana and Sombra?
02:01 - Jeff talks about Eichenwalde, the Arcade, and 2016 Seasonal Events
03:08 - What's to come in early 2017 (i.e. new content)?
04:07 - Customization for Communication Wheel
05:06 - Customization for Spray Wheel
05:55 - Encourage Team Chat Social Feature
06:42 - Developers are working on multiple new heroes
07:42 - Developers are working on new maps and game modes
08:53 - Developers are working on enhancing the spectator mode for esports coverage
09:38 - The Server Browser
11:18 - Jeff thanks the Overwatch community and wishes them well for the holiday season

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