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Amiibo, DonkeyKong, FireEmblem, Rosalina, Villager
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Aw hell yeah, the hotties are finally here, dood. And uhh, Corrin too. I wasn't able to find the Player 2 version of these characters yet. This was the first time buying amiibo again this year, so the collection barely progressed.
A list of amiibo that I'm still hunting for: Donkey Kong, Kirby, Toad, Wario, Rosalina & Luma, Olimar, Villager, Charizard, Shulk, Alm and Celica, every Breath of the Wild amiibo, and whatever else they're making for Fire Emblem Warriors (still don't have a Switch yet, but soon).
There is one amiibo that I wish were real, Cia from Hyrule Warriors. I'd definitely sleep with her. It's totally not weird, dood. *cough*I'vebeenwatchingfinegamegirlsrecently*cough*

2 4 357 Jul 2017


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Haha... your excitement is palpable. Do you just collect or open / use too?

1 Jul 2017
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Good luck completing your collection! Don't forget everytime you buy one to get the doughnut of your choice!

Jul 2017
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