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Damn, finally. I'm pretty sure I got the bad ending because I ran out of days on this first playthrough (of Nights of Azure 2). It's not a good game. I noticed some grammar errors, double copy+paste of a short phrase, and some nonsense that didn't translate properly. This game is most definitely not worth $75 or whatever it is in the eShop, I got mine physical for $45. Damn you gamefaqs and your [GAMES YOU MAY LIKE] section. Uhh, the swimsuits, hell yeah they're hot as frick. Yes, one of the swimsuits for Aluche gives her better stats than her normal armor. Strange, isn't it? Aluche is still pretty damn adorable for a redhead, doesn't matter what she wears. So, about this moon issue, it's pretty much like Majora's Mask, a time limit to do as much as you can before the final boss. It was pure bullbull, just terrible game design. Now in New Game +, I don't have to rush... Frig that, I'm going out to buy me one of those steam cards and buy the first Nights of Azure, I heard it was better in every way. I don't have a PS4 and never will.
Which reminds me, I really need to finish Tokyo Mirage Sessions. I did try a little bit of the restoration patch and, it's really good. Better load times, uncensored some costumes and fixed a lot of things, and some other stuff. Soon, I'll 100% the Play Records and Trophies for that game.



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One more thing, the B and A buttons are swapped for the Nintendo Switch version and there's no way to change it. So B is to confirm while A is to cancel... Ain't that some bullbull. Took me like 10 days to get used to it and I'm sure I'm going to screw myself over when playing a different game.