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"Lore, a term used to describe the history of places and people involved in certain events, even those that have yet to pass.
Everything and everyone has some form of lore to tell in the form of a story. This... is the story of the Maple World."

"Now... let's turn the page."

**Chapter 3 "Showdown Of The Century"**

Chapter 3 index:
- Aran sending the people of Leafre off to safety.
- Demon finding his home destroyed and confronting the Black Mage.
- The Heroes arrive at the Black Mage's Temple
- Showdown with the Black Mage
- Aftermath

Salutations Everyone! I hope you enjoy this chapter of MapleStorys Lore. I've been thinking this series up for quite some time now and just recently gotten the ambition to start tearing into it.

1397 Oct 2016 Youtube

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