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Woah, has anyone seen the trailer for Ascent Infinite Realm? It's a steampunk MMORPG with airships, robots and some pretty intense looking building capabilities (houses, etc). It's going to be published by Bluehole, the developer that brought you Pubg / Playerunknown's Battlegrounds. Worth a watch!


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Unless you can fly the airship through a fast food drive thru, I am not interested.

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Nice find! Thank you for letting me know of this!
I will shed some little information here; Bluehole-Studio (the creator of TERA) were working on 2 secret-projects, codenamed Project-EXA and Project-W. Project-EXA looks like TERA, it's probably that mobile-version of TERA that they unveiled(a Mobile-MMO, I am not impressed!). The Project-W is now unveiled as this "Ascent Infinite Realm"! Nice! (because I don't want a TERA 2!)

NCSoft(the creator of Blade & Soul and Aion) is also working on a new MMO, codenamed Project-A2. There is suspection that it is Aion 2, but we can never know until they start to unveil.

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I will keep an eye on this game; It looks like a beautiful Korean-MMO with potentials. But ofcourse, there is waiting for Localization, Development and for it to hit the Western-market. That's a lot of waiting right there. It haven't even hit the Korean-market and the game is not yet complete in development. You won't see this in the Western-Market pre-2019.

The first-MMO that will come out in the West that I am excited about; will probably be Bless Online early-access(my guess is mid-2018), I will play that until an alternative is presented(I will treat that game as "temporary" if it ever go Free-to-Play. If the game goes for Pay-to-Play, you might convince me to stay). It is hard to wait! (Dual Universe is still a year away, and right now, it is facing delays! For all we know, release can extend to 2019!)
A Traditional-pre-Burning-Crusade-WoW is my greatest-fantasy! But we don't know when that Legacy-Server is gonna come-out! I will dump everything for that WoW! (what else is more greater than WoW?!)
Star Citizen is Pay-to-Win, Ashes of Creation will come out on 2022 (2020 will be the Alpha. Who the hell can wait for that long?), Pantheon is making no progress in development, and the rest will come out 2019 to post 2019. What is not mentioned for 2018(like Crowfall) are not worth playing.

2017-11-11 (Edit: 2017-11-11)
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@syrup Bluehole-Studio does not Publish, they are Developers. Publisher for the West will be Kakao-Games. While Black Desert is not handled perfectly, they handled that game fine, so it is a good Publisher like Enmasse is. CBT-1 for the West will be mid-2018, so do not expect the Open-Beta(no-wipe soft-release) to be pre-2019, it will be on 2019. So we have a lot of time to wait!

2017-11-11 (Edit: 2017-11-11)