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Salutations everyone, Orrador here!
Today we're back into Super Mario Maker with a new map!

Cory approached me saying "Hey man, I've got some awesome ideas you should try.", and try I did.

So, today what I have for you guys is the Ninja Castle Jump Quest and what follows after. So many players have a serious love/hate relationship with this particular jump quest (myself included), but is also unique to GMS now because of the latest Mushroom Shrine patch that has now taken the NPC out that allowed users to go to Ninja Castle. As of today's date (9/10/16) the only way to access Ninja Castle now are those with Hyper Teleport rocks (to our knowledge anyway).

In any case, enjoy and thanks for watching!

Let us know how long it took you the first time attempting the jump quest and any other ideas for unique/special maps that can be created.

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