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Looks awesome to me!

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That looks intense. Good thing I have green NX though, cause purple isn't my thing,

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It is Character-bound and unPSoKable! It takes 6 months to obtain it(given that you have a Party of dedicated-people that will sacrifice for your own sake!) and perfected to almost-perfected-Gears that costs over $1000! This given that you have the skills to do it! Otherwise, it will take you longer! It is not worth it @captain, due to the price associated with it that you must have the Gears to run the Boss, it is not worth it given the quality and service that this game provide! You wanna know why Nexon could never change? A lot of whales in this game are paying the ridiculous-price that this game survived for over a decade on such lop-sided-model! Now, ask me who is the fool? I will not be played like this, and that is why I quitted the game! This game is just full of whales that do nothing but Henehoe! They must have paid their way to be able to waste time like this! It is a clear indication that this game is broken! People that paid will always get to the top! How much time did they actually put to get to such progress?

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I don't know much about it yet but I hear its really hard to get D: don't think i'll be getting my hand on one any time soon

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,,it's pretty and i want it LOL