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Youtube It is done, post Tune Up (with LotD nerf). The nerf was only hit hard with mobbing. Could be technically ran with less range, but you can only get so far attempting No-Split Pierre before you have to sacrifice a life. Then again, this is a number game. maplestory

3 4 413 Sep 2017 Youtube


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fun to see folks like yourself turn this into a different level of challenges.

Sep 2017
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I can just BARELY do no-split cpierre on my bam. I have to wait around until he goes blue and I'm red, then bind him with erda nova. Only around 3-5 seconds to spare.
Bucc looks so fun to boss on

1 Sep 2017
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@LittleTLK Override basically gave them way more boss capabilities. The Tune Up update just nerfed their overpowered Lord of the DeePS mostly on the mobbing side. Always good to have nodes and such, but the first time I killed him no split was in pure accident. I underestimated my range and pierre mechanics.

Sep 2017
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Congratulations! Celebrate with chicken in black bean sauce!

Sep 2017
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