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Happy Thanksgiving to my murican's


artists' twitter --> Twitter

12 9 1277 Nov 2017


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omg Zwei with the lil hat is so cute

Nov 2017
syrup avatar

Woah, you drew this??? IT's so pro... wow. Love all the little details and the puppy with hat is on point. Awesome colors, gradients, lines... *sigh* Such great work!

1 Nov 2017
makiyumi avatar

@syrup I wish, lol

artist name is actually iesupa

check him out he's actually pretty talented!

Nov 2017 - Edited: Nov 24 2017
makiyumi avatar

@Daimaohz -goes in depression corner in fetal position-

erm.. iesupa (mojojoj) never had a dA account o - o;;
He only has Pixiv / Pawoo / Twitter

Nov 2017
Daimaohz avatar

oh! when u mentioned Iesupa, i checked again on that devart. guess the person did style study then. oh well
back to being emotional about Pyrrha's death...

Nov 2017
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