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This game had a lot of love and then it got squashed? Too bad everything's mobile now, but I guess loads of people will be happy.

1 2017-11-21
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@syrup Yes, I am glad you see it my way! What a waste of resources, but the company makes more money that way. Just look at the games we have; Blade and Soul Mobile, Tera Mobile, Archeage Mobile, Bless Online Mobile, Lineage Mobile, Forsaken World Mobile, Ragnarok Online Mobile, etc.
Mabinogi coming to Mobile is nothing new, every company over there trying to milk the Industry of money, have all done it. Even Netease is doing it.
It's alright if they make a lot of money from this Industry. What is not alright, is if they don't contribute to improvements of the Industry in meeting the demands of it's Consumers; Things like a more immersive-gameplay with Contents in a modern but practical Graphics. Even to this day, we do not have it. It seems like the MMO-Genre have disintegrated after the year of 2008 or so. They are not trying to improve the Genre, they are just trying to cater to the majority-Casuals. Dumbing the Genre down, and making the most money out of it with the least investment.
I played Mabinogi-PC back in the past, this Mobile-one, I am not impressed! I am not even surprised!

2017-11-21 (Edit: 2017-11-21)
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Awesome! I played Mabinogi Europe for a while, a loooooooong time ago, and loved it.
Tried to get back to it, but found out the European servers were shut down or something like that.
Never played it again. not really a fan of mobile games, but I might try this one!
Mabinogi was so weird, so peaceful yet exciting.