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Revenants avatar

Interesting, but I'm not really a console gamer, otherwise I think I would definitely follow up more on it.

Oct 2016
Duzz avatar

I mean, in theory, it sounds pretty cool, but I'm concerned about the battery life.

Oct 2016
DeeMon avatar

Hopefully the screen doesn't slip off easily from the two controller things while on the go, looks like you gotta be extra careful with it. It looks thin too. I actually kind of laughed when I saw those people playing with just one of the small controllers.
I really want to see a new F-Zero game.
I probably won't use it as a handheld, I rarely take my 3DS with me when I go out.

Oct 2016

Waiting for more specs to come out about it but it looks very promising. I will most likely buy one if we get news on the battery life and how good the resolution will be with the on-the-go portion of this "console"

Oct 2016
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