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California, Durarara, Homeroom, Academy, Making
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Recently moved to California 2 months ago, I was afraid of not making many friends since I knew literally no one at the arts academy I transferred to from maple ridge . . .

I started new and fresh at an arts academy my mom found and contacted beforehand when we moved to California, also recently started school 2 days ago.

I had so much anxiety when i ended up in homeroom, every one were just talking with each other while I was just looking through my phone in class and ignoring every thing around me..

It wasn't so amazing the first two classes I was assigned too, but after time flew, during the 3rd period (physical education)
I made more than a dozen friends haha We ended up relating to a lot of things, (mostly just talking about Durarara and Re:zero lol)
High school is starting to get pretty amazing here ^^
I was so relieved oml.

The best part about this is that that group of friends I made in PE have the same four classes I have

Never have I started loving school so much until now

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Man, everyone I talk to seems to hate their High school days, but I enjoyed mine very much. Glad to see you're having fun too . Also, welcome to Cali

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Cool, nice to hear such a positive story. Nothing quite like connecting with others. Hf and enjoy.

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Im glad your having fun in school. Make the best of it! Also cute drawing! Love what your doing with the hair.

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I hated and still hate my time on high school very much.
I'm happy for you that you're at least having a good time

2 2017-8-2
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@HawtNoodle feelsbadman , don't worry noodle, you still have your internet friends to cheer ya on

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Ahh, the good ol days of high school

Enjoy it while it lasts

1 2017-8-2
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@RamenFenrir You make it sound like you're in your late 60's Ray, shush. Go have fun at college you dweeb