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Nintendo, Cheaper, Games, 2DS, 3DS Nintendo to launch New Nintendo 2DS XL portable system on July 28 - Nintendo Official Site - Nintendo.com
Any thoughts on the upcoming Nintendo 2DS XL? Same size screen as the Nintendo 3DS XL, but games play in 2D. I'm not sure how they achieve that but it's $50 cheaper. Wish they could make a DS that could also play GB/GBA carts.
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WatchGintama: It should have been this at the start. The 3D feature was never that great. Nice that they're doing this but I still have my old 3DS XL
DeeMon: It looks cool, dood. I like how the top screen looks. I was thinking of getting one, but was disappointed that it's only in black and blue for over here, was hoping for red.Black and blue? White and gold? Reminds me of that dress thing.
Nintendo, DonkeyKongCountry, FireEmblemFates, StrikerGunvolt, PokemonBlack Nintendo, DonkeyKongCountry, FireEmblemFates, StrikerGunvolt, PokemonBlack
What's inside those 3DS Card Cases? Some of y'all been wondering. (Open the image in a new window if it's too small) I have 6 digital games on my 3DS too, Star Fox 64 3D, Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, Azure Striker Gunvolt, Azure Striker Gunvolt 2, Project X Zone 2, and Cave Story, not really sure if Fire Emblem Fates Conquest and Revelations counts as digital. My Dad found the R4 and Pokemon Black at the laundromat, and that Mario & Sonic game, yuck. I still haven't started Pokemon Sun yet. Yeah, I know, this camera is really bad. Nintendo
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Helpingly: Oh man an R4. Isn't that like a dinosaur toy now?
DeeMon: @Helpingly Probably. There's an R4 3DS thing too.
Nintendo, Playing, WiiU, 3DS, FireEmblemHeroes Nintendo, Playing, WiiU, 3DS, FireEmblemHeroes
I finally got all the medals in Hyrule Warriors, dood. And uhh, the GamePad that I've been using all these years. This design came with The Wind Waker HD bundle. Rest in pieces... According to my miiverse activity feed, I did this on March 21, 2017 at 11:38 PM Eastern, I was just too lazy to take a pic of the GamePad at the time. You have no idea how torturous Cucco's Fury is, hours and hours of pressing the same button over and over again... Survival Battle Lv. 4 took me 41 minutes! All that's left for me to do in this game is level everyone up to 255, and maybe get a 450 attack weapon for them.
FriedClams: Nice Pocky!
NeedToWaitAnoth, PokemonSun, 3DS
That moment when you ordered a 3DS + Pokemon Sun and it'll arrive next morning, when it arrives you open the package and there's no battery charger....feels bad.
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HawtNoodle: @privateereck: To be fair, I haven't bought and looked at the DS franchise since 2006. But I understand now why they don't include it anymore.
captain: @privateereck: why was it that obvious? I'm with noodle, haven't had a portable Nintendo since... Advance? Fond memories of the first GB though. Man, I practically experienced The Singularity with GB Tetris.
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