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Wot dur hell. I didn't know I could do this! Just found out about it a couple days ago, and so I was curious. You should only do this if you own the physical GBA cartridge (idontown3ofthem)*cough*. Oh frig off, I gave Nintendo a lot of my monies already. I gotta say, it's very convenient. It's much better than the PSP, you know, since the PSP battery sucks and is always draining out/too fast.


So, I guess I don't have to run those horrid emulators via Homebrew thing anymore. Damn, dood. Thank Architect.

Nintendo 3DS

3 2 313 May 3


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Enjoy your games with crab stuffed shrimp and a mixed green salad with a balsamic vinaigrette!

May 3
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A fellow Style Savvy fan! You have good taste. Dont forget Kirby and the Amazing mirror!

May 4
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