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SamusReturns, PlayStation, Graphics, Nintendo, Schooler
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Difficulty lovers rejoice - there's reportedly a new Fusion difficulty mode in the upcoming Nintendo 3DS game Metroid Samus Returns!! Although I can see how this is annoying to some who don't want to have buy extra stuff... but I guess at least you get something physical as opposed to say DLC?

I'm an old schooler who just wishes the game was 2D without the dated-looking 3D. It reminds me of PlayStation 1 graphics, which were cool... IN 1995!!!

bah, I'll have to stick to the Metroid 2 remake I guess.

1 1 371 Jul 2017 Polygon


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This is why I play chess. I never have to buy extra stuff. The difficulty will just increase if I ever improve to play the stronger players. This lets me have more money for butter crackers!

Jul 2017
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