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Who uses this site? Hmmm?

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I just want to make this clear that this image of this fuzzy cat has nothing to do with Food, but it does have at least 4% relevance to Puzzle, not because of the cat itself, but because the puzzle is out of all the images I have, why did I post this one?

Sep 2017
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@Nolen But do I prefer cats over everything? I have pictures of birds too.

Sep 2017
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A lot of those tags are really out there lol. I think my favorite is Tech. But yeah, I visit the site pretty frequently.

Sep 2017
Daimaohz avatar

idk i just started logging back into this site last week

3 Sep 2017
captain avatar

@Daimaohz what do you think of the response here to your work vs IG/elsewhere? Anything you feel would engage you even more?

Sep 2017
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@Daimaohz you can say negative things if you have any negative comments, I'd love to hear it. It can only server to benefit! Re: ig / fb, a quick analysis shows me that your views / likes / comments on here are quite good actually. But I would love for you to get even more activity and am working on that daily. Lmk if you have any suggestions or requests for features.

Sep 2017
privateereck avatar

I pretty much just look at whatever is on my feed, then maybe post something related to maplestory. Maybe I comment on someone else's post like this on a blue moon.

Sep 2017
captain avatar

I visit every day! 8D On a serious note, this is a relatively new and pleasantly positive community. I would love to grow it more so that your work / stories get more attention. If you have any thoughts on that I'd love to hear it.

Sep 2017 - Edited: Sep 27 2017
Dlaiwa avatar

From time to time I'm here 24/7.
Other times I entirely forget BZL exists.
I tend to just skim the frontpage a little bit and then leave.

2 Sep 2017
FriedClams avatar

Being curious about how many people use this site is the perfect reason to get honey orange soy glazed scallops with spinach, onions, and bacon!

Sep 2017
Eternal avatar

I use this site in preference to Basilmarket, mainly because I have no intention of going back to Maplestory. There are some people here who I am somewhat familiar with (but not close to). I already moved-on and have already integrated to another-community on another-game. I use a different Site, Forum, and Discord more often than this one (why? because we share the same game, thus, topic and discussion overlaps), I just come here to drop-by from time to time. My very close friends in Maplestory(from Scania) have long quitted the game and faded off of existence long before I did.
From the downfall of Revelation Online, not only I lost a game, I lost a community. That game has no region-lock, so some of my friends and a number of the population were from SEA. It was a great experience while it lasted. The game is dead right now because the Publisher ruined it.
Now, I moved-on and is rebuilding myself on another-game. I do not want wishful-thinking, I want experience on a game. This is why I am willing to rebuild than invest it on a community that is already on life-support. I can move-on from nostalgia, because I know I'll never get it back.

Dec 2017 - Edited: Dec 23 2017
Shynobuo avatar

I just found this site through BasilMarket, after comming back to MapleStory after some 2 years without playing... I registered like 15min ago... xD

Oct 17
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