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I am going to shamelessly paste Nintendo's feature breakdown for the new 2DS XL because easy. Never REALLY wanted a DS that badly but there's a new Metroid coming out... *swoon* and look at those curves.

"The New Nintendo 2DS™ XL system is now available. It gives you the power of the New Nintendo 3DS XL system in a streamlined, affordable package. It also plays a huge library of games in 2D.

With XL screens that are 82% larger compared to the Nintendo 2DS system, the New Nintendo 2DS XL system has a new look and ergonomic design. Colorful accents add style, while the sleek clamshell design makes it comfortable to hold. A fast processor offers short loading times, so you can start playing in a snap. And it's all in a lightweight, play-anywhere package.

You can play all Nintendo 3DS, New Nintendo 3DS, and most Nintendo DS games in 2D on this system. Plus, the C Stick brings enhanced controls (like intuitive camera control) to compatible games, while ZL and ZR Buttons give you plenty of options."

Any of you have one? $150.


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I have an original 2DS, but I want thisssss. It's $200 though, and I just can't validate it while I have a perfectly good old 2DS

1 2017-8-10
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@benevolentia I know that feeling! Gotta be responsible w/ planet Earth and all