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Spaghetti, Pawn, Rook, 1st
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I put white in a jam. White has to use the queen to block my A pawn from promoting to another queen but my B pawn will slowly be moving up the board to get promoted. White can take my B pawn because I will not trade my rook for the bishop, but I will move my rook to the 1st rank and win white's queen. I celebrated with spaghetti with meat sauce! food

2 276 Oct 2017 SquishyNoobs


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One day I'll (re)learn how to play chess, and hopefully be able to share your enthusiasm.

1 Oct 2017
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@random87 Nice thing about chess online is you can play correspondence chess. Your opponent will just get an e-mail when you made your move and will have 1 - 3 days (depending on the agreed time limit) to make a move or it automatically forfeits him/her.

Oct 2017
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