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My friend's friend was planning to established a small game company. 3 weeks ago my friend came to me 1st and asked me to be their illustrationist, and I told him I wouldn't mind UNTIL last week, his friend asked me to be their 3D designer... like wdf... tbh I have no knowledge how to make 3D so I turned down as I told him that I couldn't do it. He even told me to download Unity which was 9GB SO YEAH OFcOURSE I REFUSED I have a limited data Q__Q. So right now I'm doing the concept art for the time being while waiting their company established some time around February.

I was thinking about 2D Sprite animation, anyone knows what software would that be? other that Spriter~

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The art is great! Ofc they want to get you on the team. If they were serious though, surely they could send you a USB key with Unity on it? No way to get it from a library or Uni computer or anything like that? Yeah, 9GB is a lot no matter where you're from.

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First of all, very cute drawings. I used Photoshop for my school project game a few years ago, you can use Unity to put together sprites since you don't need to actually have an animated image for Unity but just the frames of the image and Photoshop is handy to make sprite sheets and 2D animation (because it's animation timeline) + Unity can be a bit weird at making those from seperate images. I'm not sure about other drawing programs since I've been using Photoshop for 6-ish years now so I'd recommend that.



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