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Whereas me, close to 3M-Honor-Points farmed in an entire-course of a year and got nothing from Legendary! Not even a line of %Buff-Skill-Duration nor %Boss! You know how much would that costs from Pay-to-Win in equivalent? That's over $3000+! $3000 for nothing! Gambling in this game is too much from how absurd the RNG is! You shouldn't even pay to gamble for chance!
Look at TERA or Revelation Online or BnS and games like those; Can you blow up your Gears from trying to Upgrade them? You know we have an answer that Nexon exceptionally does this, and who is making them exceptional? You! You would know that Nexon have the worst reputation of all MMO-Publishers because of their famous RNG/Gambling-marketing-strategy! I would even rate them the worst presuming Baum! Atleast Baum knows how to give back by making their Cash Shop un-RNGed and cheap, whereas we get absolutely-nothing from Nexon!
All of you keep saying you hate Nexon, but look here who is supporting them! I've played this game since pre-BB and I can tell you that this is nowhere the Maplestory it used to be! Company has succumbed too much to greed that they even turned their game to be heavily RNG/Gambling-based and Cash-Shop-based! Between a Pay-to-Win-game and a Pay-to-Progress-game, I would rather play the later-one!

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I hit 45% buff duration but I have 2 perm pets with auto buff. It gives a small but noticeable duration time though

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13% buff duration as a bonus, not bad!